Post nipple reconstruction/revision

Ugh Colonoscopy?

I went to my primary doctor today for the first time in a few years.  All went very well, blood pressure was 100/70 so that blip before the mastectomy was just that, a blip.  After stepping on the scale I can officially say that I am down 40 pounds from my maximum weight and very pleased.

Here is my dilemma of the day, after the doctor wrote me out a script to get a full blood panel  done she tossed in a comment that I may want to have a colonoscopy done.  She said there is a slight increased risk of colon cancer with breast cancer.  BUT I did not have breast cancer.  I would have eventually probably but I did not.

I came home and did some investigation and just don’t know if I really need to do this test now.

It just never ends!