Ugh Colonoscopy?

I went to my primary doctor today for the first time in a few years.  All went very well, blood pressure was 100/70 so that blip before the mastectomy was just that, a blip.  After stepping on the scale I can officially say that I am down 40 pounds from my maximum weight and very pleased.

Here is my dilemma of the day, after the doctor wrote me out a script to get a full blood panel  done she tossed in a comment that I may want to have a colonoscopy done.  She said there is a slight increased risk of colon cancer with breast cancer.  BUT I did not have breast cancer.  I would have eventually probably but I did not.

I came home and did some investigation and just don’t know if I really need to do this test now.

It just never ends!

6 thoughts on “Ugh Colonoscopy?”

  1. I just had it last month. It’s not that bad- the prep is worse! I can give you all my tips that helped me if you decide to do it.

    1. I just feel like I could be tested to death for “slight” risks. I know I should go just have to talk myself into it I guess.

    1. Oh yes! And I had 3 polyps removed (benign thankfully all in line with Cowden’s Syndrome) but I think getting a baseline is what’s important. 🙂

  2. Um, I kicked and screamed on this one, but got it done this month. Cowden’s can reccomend colonoscopy up to every 6 months. I was thrilled to get THREE years before I have to go back – relief. Plus, I lost another 4 pounds with all that prep. Worth it in the end. ( no pun intended :-))

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