My Family, Our trip to Disney World, Post-Op Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

So long 2012

With the end of the year approaching, everywhere you turn you see recaps.  I did a medical recap not too long ago and quit honestly am not too interested in reliving this year.  Instead I am looking fully forward to what I hope will be a better year.

Making a statement like that always makes me pause for a second because of how close I was to cancer (according to the pathology reports).  I had the bilateral prophylactic mastectomy to prevent cancer since I was high risk but until we received those results showing cancer markers, well we had no clue just how close I was.  So, with that said the end results made 2012 a good year I suppose and I guess I should recognize that good.

The hope for 2013, well they are filled with no surgery, no medical scares and good times with my family.  I do need to get through the follow-up Ultrasound next week to check on the complex cyst.  Hopefully that shows that it took care of itself and onward we will move.Disney Trip October 22-29, 2011 627

One super bright spot that we have all been looking forward to for some time is our trip to Disney World!  We are in the home stretch and can begin an official countdown in the next week or so.  My girls do love official countdowns :-).  We are all really looking forward to this trip!  We are staying at The Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani, right over the Savannah.  How thrilled with the girls be seeing the animals come close to the balcony.

My crew in Animal Kingdom October 2011.
My crew in Animal Kingdom October 2011.

Since we are staying in Disney we also did the meal package.  It is nice going and knowing that almost everything is prepaid.  We will be dinning with the Princesses, Mickey and crew, Chip and Dale and at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Planning this trip, making the dinning reservations were a nice distraction while I was recovering from surgery.  Finally coming close to the actual experience  knowing how much we are all looking forward to it, well what can I say that Disney does not?  It is the happiest place on earth!


Really? Totally unfocused rant

Warning, this post is following my line of thought right now which is extremely unfocused, angry and just plan all over the board.

I thought of posting a huge political rant expressing my pure disgust with the attack on our sovereign land carried out in both Egypt and Lybia.  My disgust over the initial apology issued by our embassy in Egypt to those who attacked us.  My disgust over the fact that we have no time for our allies but continue to bend over to appease those who would seek to destroy us.  The President has walked the statement back since but what does it say that the embassy felt comfortable to issue the statement in the first place?

Then I looked at Facebook and saw a post saying to put away the pink ribbons until October because this is Pediatric cancer month.  Really? So, unless it is the actual month put aside for it, we should not recognize an issue.  It seems that September is also National Preparedness Month so please get ready for any disasters before the end of the month because once October more!   It is also notional yoga month, national chicken month, guide dog month, honey month and National Hispanic Heritage Month from mid sept to mid Oct.

I had to look that up and was shocked that September was so important..there is a list for every month.  So, if I follow the direction I saw on FB this morning, does it mean I can only openly consume Chicken in September?

Really?  How about we just live.  How about an overall recognition of “Cancer” of all forms. I mean it is the second largest leading cause of death second only to Heart Disease.  Is there a person out there whose family has not been affected by it in one way or another?  Now we will fight over whose month it is?

So after the super market I put on the news for a minute before my little one got home from school.  How should I feel about a teachers union who finds it appropriate to put 350K student on the streets?  The average salary for Chicago teachers is 71K in a city that when compared to the 10 largest American cities has the shortest school day and year.  A district that only graduates 6 out of 10 students in high school.  They chant “who’s school’s, our school’s”.  Interesting.  What about the children?

NOW.. I know someone has already had a thought that I am anti teacher.  I am far from it!  I believe that like any other business, workers should be rewarded for good work.  I would have no issue with teacher making six figures if students were excelling.  I believe in reform!  Pay teachers more but there has to be a standard to which performance is measured like all other industry.  Failing school district should not be offered 16% pay raises.

Still reading?  Well thank you for sticking with my thoughts.  As a parent, I fear for the safety of my young children who have to grow up in the world that we leave them.  What do we as a nation stand for, if anything anymore?  We fight over everything, adults stooping to name calling.  I teach my children that this is bad behavior yet every where you turn this politician calls that one some offensive things.  Everyday people do it with out thought and then we wonder why the bullies are running wild in our schools.

I wish it was as simple as turning off the news but we all know it is far from it!

Post-Op Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Day 39 Post mastectomy

I guess we are in a waiting period once again for surgery but unlike before I am not in agony waiting for this one.  Instead just trying to make sure everything is caught up on around the house. We have also focused on getting ready for school to start sorting through closets and drawers, filling backpacks with supplies. Haircuts are scheduled, drawers are straightened and things that do not fit removed.  With the nipple reconstruction and revision scheduled for 8/24, I need to make sure we are all ready to go for September 6th…the first day of school!  I am really hoping that I am moving around well because on September 5th Madison, who is starting Kindergarten, has met the teacher day.  I will be very upset if I can not be there for that!

Most importantly for this week we have a super special birthday on Saturday.  My first-born turns 8 years old..yikes!  Just a small party this year, pool and BBQ (if the weather holds fingers crossed) with her couple of cousins aunts and uncles.

We went out to the store yesterday and for the first time I wore a sport bra, although the Doctor has never said I was allowed to wear one.  It is so hot I can not walk around with the baggy shirt hanging over the tank!  I actually wore a T-shirt and felt comfortable that no one was looking at my square boobs.  I am feeling more and more normal each day. I still have  stiffness in the chest and tightness  in the abdomen but  I have come to accept that they will be part of life for a long while.  It does not affect daily functions and is really no more that aches and stiffness.  I only wish I could sleep on my side…that I really miss!

I continue to do some type of exercise daily, elliptical machine, punching bag or walking.  I would really like to turn this experience into an opportunity to refocus the entire family on our health.  The girl’s exercise with me either punching the bag, jumping on their little trampoline or simple sit-ups.  Unfortunately, frank and I both have struggled with our weight as did my mother and his father.  We need to do better for ourselves and the girls!

We did have a big event yesterday, Madison lost her third tooth.  We were all very excited!