Day 39 Post mastectomy

I guess we are in a waiting period once again for surgery but unlike before I am not in agony waiting for this one.  Instead just trying to make sure everything is caught up on around the house. We have also focused on getting ready for school to start sorting through closets and drawers, filling backpacks with supplies. Haircuts are scheduled, drawers are straightened and things that do not fit removed.  With the nipple reconstruction and revision scheduled for 8/24, I need to make sure we are all ready to go for September 6th…the first day of school!  I am really hoping that I am moving around well because on September 5th Madison, who is starting Kindergarten, has met the teacher day.  I will be very upset if I can not be there for that!

Most importantly for this week we have a super special birthday on Saturday.  My first-born turns 8 years old..yikes!  Just a small party this year, pool and BBQ (if the weather holds fingers crossed) with her couple of cousins aunts and uncles.

We went out to the store yesterday and for the first time I wore a sport bra, although the Doctor has never said I was allowed to wear one.  It is so hot I can not walk around with the baggy shirt hanging over the tank!  I actually wore a T-shirt and felt comfortable that no one was looking at my square boobs.  I am feeling more and more normal each day. I still have  stiffness in the chest and tightness  in the abdomen but  I have come to accept that they will be part of life for a long while.  It does not affect daily functions and is really no more that aches and stiffness.  I only wish I could sleep on my side…that I really miss!

I continue to do some type of exercise daily, elliptical machine, punching bag or walking.  I would really like to turn this experience into an opportunity to refocus the entire family on our health.  The girl’s exercise with me either punching the bag, jumping on their little trampoline or simple sit-ups.  Unfortunately, frank and I both have struggled with our weight as did my mother and his father.  We need to do better for ourselves and the girls!

We did have a big event yesterday, Madison lost her third tooth.  We were all very excited!

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