I went shopping today, kind of.  I was going to go out and buy a few things.  I have been looking so frumpy in my baggy clothes.  I decided to take a walk first and while doing so I had some time to think about what I needed.  That is when I realized, I had absolutely no idea where to start.  So when I arrived back home  I decided I should do a quick inventory of my closet.  Between the massive reduction in boob size, and the lifestyle changes I had made over the last year or so, I have lost 40 pounds, 15 of it since the surgery.

It turned out to be a very productive afternoon and one of the best shopping trips I have ever had and I never left the house.  I did not realize just how much weight I had gained.  I guess I just kept pushing things to the back of the closet as they got tight, hoping some day they would once again fit.  Well, happily that day is today!  I honestly can not remember the last time I cleaned out my closet.  I found things that I do not think I ever wore.  I also found some old favorites that I could not even get on let alone button a year ago that will now be entered into normal rotation.

I am very sore tonight from all of the trying on of clothes.  I took everything out and tried it.  I of course had to keep a bra on the entire time.  The “girls” are not happy tonight, probably the most uncomfortable I have been in a few weeks.

My wallet was thrilled with the luck we had today!  I was not looking forward to a big shopping bill especially since I am not exactly sure if I have reached my final size.  My surgeon said it would take months before my body finished shifting (for lack of a better word) .  I also am so pleased with how I am both looking and feeling that I have been inspired to maintain a daily exercise regime.  I am up to about 150 sit ups a day on top of either a long walk or some time on the elliptical.

Amazing it was just 2 months ago that I could not get myself out of bed.  The important thing now is to keep it up!


Nap time anyone?

I think today is a lay low kind of day.  Hanging at the house not planning to do too much. Even though I just got out of bed, I would love to turn right back around and climb back in.

 Between cleaning up the house to get ready for Megan’s birthday on Friday, her actual birthday on Saturday and back to school shopping Sunday, I am just wiped out.  With the next surgery around the corner, I grabbed the opportunity that a Sunday provides and had my husband help out with the clothes shopping. I have to admit 3 full days of activity was something I was not fully ready for. I definitely see a nap in my future.  We also all stayed up to watch the closing ceremonies of the olympics.

Wearing a sport bra for 2 of those days was another thing I was not prepared for.  I bought an extra large so it would not be too tight, no underwire of course but I could not wait to get it off once we got home on Sunday!  The “girls” are very sore as is my chest and right under my arms.  I can not wait until the boobs are finished..these square bitches are really annoying!

Watch out here we come!

What a big day!  So I ended yesterday’s post with the thoughts of driving for the first time since the surgery.  The girls both slept late because I let them stay up late Tuesday night to watch the US women’s gymnastics team win the gold medal.  I used the time to clean up, put my hair in a ponytail (which took a little effort) and get dressed.  Since I am not allowed to wear a bra and have square boobs, I went with a tank top under a baggy button up shirt.  Everyone around me keeps saying how different I look but I just have not really seen it..until I put on my shirt.  A tank top that was tight prior to the surgery  hung on me like a weird tent.  It gapped awful under my arms since the DD’s are gone.  It worked under the other shirt.  I guess I will just look unkept for a while until my body is completed…I guess the changes are that big!

So our adventure included a stop at the local farmers market for some produce.  This was a perfect stop because they also have a deli and small dairy area so could get lunch meat and milk.  After that a quick stop at the CVS for toothpaste then home.  It was not a bad trip but a little struggle.  Driving itself was not the most comfortable..the bumps still bother me and the seat belt rubs.  BUT…overall very successful trip and felt nice to be in control and out and about!  I was happy to get home and sit down but it was a start!

A small nap was needed after lunch. Then time to exercise.  I was able to do twice the amount of stretches than yesterday. Amazing how much my mobility has improved  and how much less stiff I feel after just 2 days.  A little more each day!

On top of everything else going on my Megan turns 8 in 2 weeks.  She is used to big blow out parties.  This year things will be much smaller.  Just family here at the house.  Need to get the house into at least basic company shape by August 11..a little each day like eveything else I guess.