Washing the grey away, again

I am sitting at the salon waiting for my timer to ring. There was no way I could let Mickey and the gang see me before a much needed touch-up! Sadly, it does not take long these days before a touch up is needed. I am close to the point that if I would let it grow out I would be basically fully grey. I am not getting old but my hair seems to be. ūüôā

We are just a few short days away. I really do think I am worse than the kids in how anxious I am to go on this trip. I definitely need the time away from the homestead but I think it is more how much I think the girls will enjoy it. I have neighbors who think we are crazy saying it is all over priced and over rated. I think I agreed until we went almost 2 years ago. The thrill on my daughters faces, and my husbands to be honest, was magical. It truly is the happiest place in the world for us (at this point in our lives anyway).

Happy girls make me happy!

We are almost ready to jump on the plane. Both girls bags are packed. Mine could be in seconds since it is piled on the guest bed. I believe Frank has even begun to organize. A few short days away, can’t wait!

Relax, don’t worry, wash that gray away

There was a time when I worked when I had a reputation of instilling fear. ¬†I was a no-nonsense kind of person who did not put up with much. ¬†I was also known to have a bit of a short fuse and let’s just say that patience was not a virtue. I do not know if it is age or life experience especially those medical experiences over the last year but I really seem to be seeing things differently and reacting much differently. ¬†(Patience, well still working on that one a bit :-))

I had an appointment to get my hair touch up today.  I arrived and sat for a few minutes chatting with the ladies at the desk.  I have been going to the same salon for years now.  We chatted about Christmas, taking down the holiday decorations and how we all welcomed the normal routine returning.  AFter sitting for 5-10 minutes they decided to call the person who does my hair since she seemed to be running late.

As the call was being made one of the owners of the salon had come to the front, a very nice gentlemen about my age.  The news was then delivered, there was a miscommunication and they were so sorry but my stylist thought she had the day off.  Now, since I had surgery the week of Thanksgiving my hair schedule is a mess and I was WAY overdue for my touch up.  At 41, it is very clear that if I would allow it to grow in I would be fully gray, a look I am not ready for to say the least.

What happens next speaks to the changes I am experiencing in my older age I guess. ¬†The owner immediately jumped in and said he would do my hair. ¬†Now….for many women this is a very personal thing. ¬†They wait weeks to get appointments with “their person”. ¬†People become loyal, right or wrong. ¬†Along with his offer to do my hair were continued apologies and an offer of a 20% price reduction on all services for the day.

I smiled and told them all to relax. ¬†I was not upset at all. ¬†I believe exactly what I said was, “no problem shit happens”. ¬†I was getting the gray out which was the goal of the day. ¬†Getting a discount, well that was a bonus. ¬†There was a time where this probably would have set me off but why? ¬†The way the shop handled it was about as well as you could ever hope for. ¬†The woman who does my hair has an ill father who is preparing for surgery. ¬†Between that, the holidays and her own family added in can overwhelm anyone. ¬†Years ago I would not have know that because I guess I did not really care. ¬†dontsweatthesmallstuff

There are real problems in life involving real people.  Life is just too short to get crazy over silly, stupid or senseless issues.  I guess we would all be better off if we could figure these things out much earlier.  I am happy that I am finally realizing it myself!

Fluffy Buddies

I went to the salon today for a touch up.  Sitting there I decided to change it up a little, 40 pounds lost and 4 bra sizes deserved a change.  Went a bit darker with a touch of auburn and a little different on the cut. Turned out nice I think.  A little change is good!

So, last night Madison and I sat for our nightly reading session.  Now, I want to start with the fact that she is doing a great job!  She is enjoying herself and her confidence is growing.  With that on the record, I can not believe how different this experience is versus the one had with Megan.  I am not comparing, just saying.  She will read a word correctly 3 times in a row but then in another sentence totally different.  She is so much like I was am.  Focus was never a strong suit, my mind aways wandering.  I find myself sometimes looking into her eyes trying to see behind them to figure out what is going on in that little head.

We come across the word “friends”, not a word I expected her to get but it was her attempt that changed the course of the session. She calmly came to the word and confidently blurted out “fluffy buddies”. ¬†I guess there must have been something strange on my face because she started to laugh, then laughter turned to hysterics which of course set me into laughter. ¬†I so love how she does not take herself too seriously. ¬†I love to watch her laugh. I guess Fluffy buddies can be friends too!

And here she is today, teaching the “class” sight words.