Washing the grey away, again

I am sitting at the salon waiting for my timer to ring. There was no way I could let Mickey and the gang see me before a much needed touch-up! Sadly, it does not take long these days before a touch up is needed. I am close to the point that if I would let it grow out I would be basically fully grey. I am not getting old but my hair seems to be. 🙂

We are just a few short days away. I really do think I am worse than the kids in how anxious I am to go on this trip. I definitely need the time away from the homestead but I think it is more how much I think the girls will enjoy it. I have neighbors who think we are crazy saying it is all over priced and over rated. I think I agreed until we went almost 2 years ago. The thrill on my daughters faces, and my husbands to be honest, was magical. It truly is the happiest place in the world for us (at this point in our lives anyway).

Happy girls make me happy!

We are almost ready to jump on the plane. Both girls bags are packed. Mine could be in seconds since it is piled on the guest bed. I believe Frank has even begun to organize. A few short days away, can’t wait!

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