Merry Christmas!

Everyone is asleep, well except me of course which is about the norm.  I find myself not sleeping much again these days.  Two minutes past midnight so it is official..Merry Christmas!

The gifts are under the tree, stockings full and coffee pot set up ready for what I know will be the extra early wake up call by two overly excited little girls and I would have it no other way!  Both of my girls still fully belive in Santa and I want to enjoy every minute.  Who knows what next year will bring.  The joy on those little faces is just priceless.  They tracked his movements all day with the NORAD Santa tracker.  AT bed time I almost needed to strap them down they were bouncing off the walls so badly.

We will have my brother’s family and my sister for dinner.  My niece and nephew are 7 and 3 so having the four kids for Christmas is great!  We do an all out beef feast…probably not very traditional for some but it has become tradition for us.  Homemade onion soup, steak and  mushrooms….YUMMY!

After all of the preparations, the shopping, the cleaning, cooking, wrapping what I love most is spending time with those I love. Some people around me are never satisfied and to be honest I think I used to be part of that group.  Since the Mastectomy I really have settled into a more peaceful place.  I can not control most things that happen.  You can not get  “those” moments back. The ones where your children are filled with wonder and awe or the ones where you have an opportunity to spend time with those important to you.  Life is just too short.a-christmas-story-576x300

In the morning,  I will watch A Christmas story at least twice.  I will eat way to much. I will take a moment to think about the cruelties in the world  and thank god for my healthy girls. I will take every opportunity to create a memory.

The morning will be here in the blink of an eye!  I wish you all a joyous Christmas.

To religion or not, that is the question

Tomorrow I have the “Family Celebration” at the Kindergarten.  It is a holiday celebration where the kids will sing.  What I like about it is the fact that unlike many areas of our world right now they are not being told that religion is not alright.  Instead they are learning about different holiday traditions.  I am not exactly sure what the entire line up is for the morning since Madi has tried to keep some secrets but I know We Wish you a Merry Christmas, The Dradle song and a poem about Kwanza are on the list.

I read something earlier which made perfect sense to me.  It was in response to an article that I had read about prisons.  The person wrote that it was interesting that our prisons ensure bibles and other holy books are available to convicts yet we can not mention religion in our schools and maybe just maybe if we open them a little earlier  we would not have such a prison overcrowding issue.  Maybe and maybe not but interesting to think about at least.

At this time of year where every time I turn on the TV to see someone else offended over what someone has done or said, when we argue over Christmas trees or Holiday trees, I am not at all offended that my Catholic child will be singing the dradle song tomorrow or the fact that she thinks it is way cool that they get gifts for several days in a row.  Not sure when it happened or if I am just getting cranky in my older age but it seems that our once strong and proud country has really become thin-skinned.



Fa La La La La

Christmas time is around the corner.  This is really my favorite holiday.  Frank and I don’t exchange gifts per say.  We buy something we want then say it is for Christmas. I love this time of year because of how the kids react.  They still deeply believe in Santa and I want to keep it that way as long as possible!  If that means I sneak around in the dark hiding an Elf, so be it! That brings us to Ernie, our Elf on a shelf.  He became part of our lives in 2009 and typically arrives right after Thanksgiving.  The girls wake up so excited to find him every morning.   I believe he was named after the Ernie from Sesame Street.  We do not get too crazy with him for the most part he just moves around each night.  People havebeen posting pictures all week of what elves have been doing in their houses….I think folks are spending a little too much time on Pinterest!  But hey, if it provides family enjoyment I am all for it!

Just hanging out in the stairwell
Just hanging out in the stairwell