Some life lessons are hard

Yesterday I posted about the bird nest that had been attacked by the Crow’s.  We were very hopeful that we had been able to save the bird family since the mother bird had returned to the nest.  Those hopes started to wane around dusk last night when the nest seemed empty.  We are not able to see into the nest due to its height in the tree.  The girls refused to believe anything bad had happened instead believing that mom was out “stretching her wings”.

This morning Megan was first out the door to again find an empty nest.  The realization set in.  Sadness hit my girls.

Life is a series of lessons, some big others small many sad but others wonderful.  They all have to be learned.  For my girl today death, and the fact that sometimes no matter how hard you try, your best is not always enough.

The biggest lesson of the day, never stop trying and always give your best.  As long as you do, the good will outweigh the bad!