Three short days from today

literally-like-this-it-wasWell the big countdown is on!  The first sleepover!  We are so very excited, and by “we” I mean my soon to be 9-year-old and her BFF who called this morning so they could giggle about the coming party.

During the day there were moments of spontaneous happiness as I was reminded of the actual amount of days left in the countdown. The joys of youth, if we could all get so excited the world would be a much better place. We are now in preparation mode.  Cleaning the entire house is at the top of the list since we will also have a family party next weekend.  Meg has actually been very helpful with the cleaning.  Amazing what you can achieve with a well motivated child.

All I hope is that the actual event comes close to the expectations my child has for the night.

Surgery, creepers and tiny squares

The day before surgery and I did what I expect most people do, I spent the day playing minecraft.  We did have some productive moments, the kids had karate, I secured a sponsor for Madi’s soccer team and dropped the paperwork at the township building.  Fed the children and did some before surgery cleaning.

CreeperThe girls have figured out how to link all of the handhelds via wi-fi on minecraft.  The game is very silly but I have to admit it is addictive.  When I was a kid the family would have sat and played a board game.  Today the three of us sat together laughing and running around in the world of little squares.  It was fun!

I have to be at the surgery center by 8 am tomorrow.  I am glad it is early but not too early.  In a few hours it will all be over and I can hopefully move into a phase of my life where I am not scheduling the next procedure.  Over the next few weeks I instead will be focused on the planning of our first little girls sleep over.  It is Megan’s big wish for her birthday this year.  I have agreed but it will be very small, 2 of her closest friends.  I think small and controlled is best for the first. Once we get through this annoyance tomorrow we can focus on what is really important….giggling little girls! 🙂

Way way back……

Today is a big day for my youngest.  The day she gets to board a bus to head to her “home school” for a visit.  Our district is very large.  We have a building designated just for Kindergarten.  From there the kids branch off into one of 5 elementary schools.

Today the kids all arrive to school like normal and then board buses for a visit to their  assigned elementary.  They will tour the school, meet some teachers and eat snack in the cafeteria.  It is a great program allowing the kids to ease into the next step of their education.  Madison has been talking about this day for weeks!

After a long weekend she was very sleepy this morning and did not want to get out of bed.  I reminded her what today was and up she leaped.  She had a little extra pep in her step.  As she boarded her bus I was left a little sad.  My baby is just a few months away from starting first grade.  She is no longer a baby.

A happy little girls preparing for a big day!
A happy little girls preparing for a big day!

One thing I found very funny was the conversation I overheard as the girls were eating breakfast.  Megan, who is in third grade, went on this very same tour a few years ago.  As the big sister I guess she was attempting to help the little one’s nerves.  It started with the line, “Way way back when I visited….”.

I did not say a word but it made me laugh.  Way way back 3 years ago.  Things move so fast in life now.  I sometimes long to return to a day when 3 years could be referred to as way way back instead of the blink of an eye that it is now.

I can not wait until she gets home…I can only hope it went as well as she envisioned! My big girl!