Way way back……

Today is a big day for my youngest.  The day she gets to board a bus to head to her “home school” for a visit.  Our district is very large.  We have a building designated just for Kindergarten.  From there the kids branch off into one of 5 elementary schools.

Today the kids all arrive to school like normal and then board buses for a visit to their  assigned elementary.  They will tour the school, meet some teachers and eat snack in the cafeteria.  It is a great program allowing the kids to ease into the next step of their education.  Madison has been talking about this day for weeks!

After a long weekend she was very sleepy this morning and did not want to get out of bed.  I reminded her what today was and up she leaped.  She had a little extra pep in her step.  As she boarded her bus I was left a little sad.  My baby is just a few months away from starting first grade.  She is no longer a baby.

A happy little girls preparing for a big day!
A happy little girls preparing for a big day!

One thing I found very funny was the conversation I overheard as the girls were eating breakfast.  Megan, who is in third grade, went on this very same tour a few years ago.  As the big sister I guess she was attempting to help the little one’s nerves.  It started with the line, “Way way back when I visited….”.

I did not say a word but it made me laugh.  Way way back 3 years ago.  Things move so fast in life now.  I sometimes long to return to a day when 3 years could be referred to as way way back instead of the blink of an eye that it is now.

I can not wait until she gets home…I can only hope it went as well as she envisioned! My big girl!

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