Afro Circus…polka dot polka dot

Took the girls to see Madagascar 3 in 3 D and have to say was very pleasantly surprised with how good it was.  The best of the series so far!  The girls had a great time dancing in their seats.  I love seeing them have fun.  It makes me feel good when they are happy. 

The theater was not crowded since we went so early but there were still some interesting characters to see. I think we all know those people who do nothing but complain about their kids.  I don’t get it.  Don’t get me wrong, mine can drive me crazy but that is part of growing and learning the boundaries.  The other extreme is the “my kids are so wonderful” group.  You  know, the ones who basically could watch their obnoxious kid punch someone and somehow rationalize that the other person caused it. To be honest the later is more annoying and dangerous as a parent.  Those kids grow up without any ramification or consequence.  There is just way too much of that around here!

Anyway, I digress.  This was a good weekend but busy.  Megan is finished school Tuesday.  Going into 3rd grade next year…where does the time go.  Her teacher informed us that they have recommended her for the TAG (talented and gifted) program.  We have to give it some more thought but based on the feedback we have heard we are leaning toward turning it down.  Since I stay home we do extra work at home together.  I do not like how it is run and just do not believe she would benefit from it.  Time will tell I guess.

Back to my list:

  • I am thankfully for happy, healthy girls
  • summer days in the pool with the family
  • The fact that in a few short weeks the surgery will be over