Pre-op Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Blue skies and giggles

Beautiful weekend!  The nicest Memorial Weekend I can remember for a while!  Thank you to those who served to allow us the ability to sit and enjoy a free life.

I am sitting here on the patio next to the pool.  The girls have a friend over so I am watching them play in the pool. Little girls in a pool..been a loud afternoon!  We have heat warnings through tomorrow so there is really no other place to be!  It has been a great weekend with friends, drinks, BBQ and pool time!  Who can ask for anything more.

The time is growing near so I figure I will party my way to the surgical table.  The hubby and I have a date this coming weekend.  Right now life is about the events that I am looking forward to before the surgery…our dinner date, Madison’s graduation, Megan’s piano recital and weekends with friends.  Better than thinking about the fact the doctors appointments start again next week and that we are almost at the 30 day til mark.

I am allowing myself this last day of party weekend.  This week I will begin to do things to prepare for the surgery, shopping etc.  For now I am thinking about a drink.  It will have to wait a bit until the girls are out of the pool.  Maybe something fruity…:-).