Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

IMG_4702It seems like just yesterday that my husband and I were blessed with the arrival of our now nine-year old beautiful girl. Her entry into the world was anything but easy.  She was 2 weeks late before the doctor finally agreed to induce labor. I was the size of a small state after putting on over 70 pounds.  Once in the hospital, a not so short 18 hours of labor.  The ultrasound a few weeks before delivery showed a baby roughly 8 pounds.  My little angel arrived fighting all the way at a whopping 9 pound 6 ounces.

2 day old Megan
2 day old Megan

A few short minutes after Megan’s birth the nurses told me I coud hold he for a minute but that they had concerns over her breathing.  They quickly swept her out of my arms then down to the NICU where she stayed until we checked out of the hospital.

Megan hooked to so many monitors in the NICU
Megan hooked to so many monitors in the NICU

Over the last 9 years I have changed so much as person.  Becoming a mommy was the greatest thing I have ever done. Once she was born I knew I had to stay home with her, one of the greatest decision I have ever made.  I resigned from work and became a stay at home mommy and have enjoyed the job for the last 9 years.

I am so proud of Megan.  She is smart and funny, thoughtful and caring.  A great big sister and a wonderful daughter. Talking to her I often have to remind myself that she is still just a child because she speaks like such a young lady.  Meg has already achieved so many wonderful things I am thrilled thinking about what the future holds.

Happy Birthday Megan, I love you!


A growing family

Once Frank and I decided we are going to expand our family,  my head was full, so many thoughts, will we be good parents?  Will our children sit on some couch in 30 years talking about how we screwed up their lives? But in we dove.  The decision was the easiest part.

To start with I gained over 70 pounds when pregnant with Megan.  There were many reason for this I assume. I was a smoker and quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  I am sure I was a real hormonal piece of work  to be around while going through nicotine withdrawal.  I also decided that Megan liked Lemon water ice and mini chocolate donuts.  She NEEDED to have them!

At some point the pregnancy was deemed “high risk”.  I had placenta previa.  I would have to take a few days off from work each time and lay flat and not move.  I was sent for a “high risk”  ultrasound, which was code for way too long.   They  counted every limb, finger and even toe.  They searched for each organ and after almost 2 hours they determined that Megan was just fine.

I grew larger and larger, my due date came and went, I walked and grew and then walked some more.  I thought if I kept moving she would eventually drop out.  Once I was over 2 1/2 weeks late they finally induced labor and my giant 9 lb 6 oz baby girl arrived.  They quickly swept her away from me after determining that she was not breathing properly.  She stayed the next few days in the NICU. In the end, thankfully she was fine.

I loved being a mom.  We decided the Bailey clan needed another member.  My pregnancy with Madison was pretty uneventful.  Other than being huge massive and extremely uncomfortable, it went pretty smoothly.  Once Madison was born, my Megan seemed to be taken over by a very unhappy little person that I did not know.  There were some complications during delivery with Madison so they converted to an emergency C-section.  I ended up in the hospital for several days.  During visits Megan would not talk to me or sit with me and she wanted nothing to do with her sister!

Things are so much easier with the second child.  By the time I left the hospital, the nurses had already had Madi on a decent schedule.  She was such a pleasant baby.  Good eater, good sleeper and for the most part little fuss.  It did not take long for Megan to warm up to her sister.

Watching them together was and is wonderful.  They get along beautifully.  Of course they argue at times but they are the best of friends and think of each other always.  If either is away from the other and offered anything, they ask for one for the other.  They are my world.

Could there be room in the Bailey clan for more little ones?