The day after..

Madison had a wonderful day touring the elementary school yesterday.  The kids were each provided a name tag lanyard which  included their name, Kindergarten teacher, and bus number.  She wore the tag proudly through the halls of the “big kid school”. Everyone she ran into asked her the same question, “are you Megan’s sister?”  There are some children who would be annoyed by this but not my little one.  She takes it as a badge of honor, she is famous because she is Meg’s little sister.  Hey, whatever works right?

The highlight of the day was when her group was taken into a 3rd grade classroom, the very same one that holds her big sister.  She was so excited to see Megan sitting at her desk.  Meg fielded questions for the rest of the day about her little sister from both friends and teachers alike.  Both seemed to equally enjoy the attention.

I always joke that I have nothing from my childhood.  A few pictures but that’s about it.  I was the third child for one and with my parents being divorced and my mother not being the warmest person in the world she was not a big saver of things.  I have gone to the other extreme.  I have funny papers that my girls have written over the years, pictures drawn and special items that mean something from the time each was born.  They are kept in what the girls have termed my “keeper boxes”.  When Megan was in Kindergarten, her teacher put together a booklet of things showing the growth the kids had from the time they started school.  She asked that we write a note to include.  Frank wrote the note and we included a picture from the first day of school.

Before Madison left for school yesterday, she was greeted to breakfast by a note written by her father at her place at the table.  He actually started working on it weeks ago and asked me for a picture from the fist week of school. She read it while chopping on a banana.   I feel that you can never express enough the love we feel for our kids. From someone who grew up rarely hearing the words “I love you”, I have come to learn, you can never say them enough!


Way way back……

Today is a big day for my youngest.  The day she gets to board a bus to head to her “home school” for a visit.  Our district is very large.  We have a building designated just for Kindergarten.  From there the kids branch off into one of 5 elementary schools.

Today the kids all arrive to school like normal and then board buses for a visit to their  assigned elementary.  They will tour the school, meet some teachers and eat snack in the cafeteria.  It is a great program allowing the kids to ease into the next step of their education.  Madison has been talking about this day for weeks!

After a long weekend she was very sleepy this morning and did not want to get out of bed.  I reminded her what today was and up she leaped.  She had a little extra pep in her step.  As she boarded her bus I was left a little sad.  My baby is just a few months away from starting first grade.  She is no longer a baby.

A happy little girls preparing for a big day!
A happy little girls preparing for a big day!

One thing I found very funny was the conversation I overheard as the girls were eating breakfast.  Megan, who is in third grade, went on this very same tour a few years ago.  As the big sister I guess she was attempting to help the little one’s nerves.  It started with the line, “Way way back when I visited….”.

I did not say a word but it made me laugh.  Way way back 3 years ago.  Things move so fast in life now.  I sometimes long to return to a day when 3 years could be referred to as way way back instead of the blink of an eye that it is now.

I can not wait until she gets home…I can only hope it went as well as she envisioned! My big girl!