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Twas the night before…..

happy_first_day_of_school_card-p137598077267411672q53o_400T’was the night before school starts and all day long, little girls were restless bouncing off the walls!  The children were nestled all snug in their beds, (but not sleeping since I keep hearing foot steps). The new first grader is about to burst even receiving a phone call from her teacher welcoming her to school.

I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels......
I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels……

The time has finally arrived, the fist day of school.  The backpacks are loaded with the requested supplies.  The lunch boxes are sitting ready to be packed.  I am so happy that my girls love school.  They are both legitimately thrilled to be heading back.   I am so excited for them and can not wait to hear all about the day tomorrow.  I am kind of glad that the first day is a Friday, I think Madison especially will be exhausted between the build up in her head and the so far restless night she is having.  I see a small crash in her future tomorrow :-).  First and fourth grade, WOW!  Somewhere along the way I blinked and my girls got big.  I am so proud of both!  Cheers to another great school year!

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Rituals and preparation

When I was young we did not know who our teacher would be until the first day of school.  We would arrive at school, be shuffled into the cafeteria and then called to line up at which point a teacher would stand and take us to a class room.  I am not sure how things work in other places but in my district my experiences as a child are totally foreign.  Instead there is an almost ritualistic gathering that occurs at each school build after 4pm the Friday before Labor day.  The masses pour into school lots and herd around the front doors to view the lists that have been posted.  Crowds then stand while some discuss this one or that one.

We of course take part in the ritual.  We do not take part in the after gossip.  I have friends who send letter requesting certain teachers while they will openly express their dislike for others.  Over my 41 years of life I have come to realize that you can not please all of the people all of the time nor can you please some people ever.  Although I am very open to seeking others opinions sometimes, I find it very annoying when people offer their negative opinions in front of my children.  Learning how to deal with different personalities is an important part of learning and growing.

The rest of the weekend was spent with all of us getting ready for school, wrapping up the summer and easing into the fall routine.  Saturday we had a 3 game soccer tournament which took up 8 hours of our day.  Sunday was shopping followed by what may possibly be the last swim in the pool for the season for Frank and the girls.  Today a family road trip which ended in pouring rain and bumper to bumper traffic, they can’t all be winners I guess.

I also have been preparing to return to work.  Friday I had a required physical and TB shot, all completed with normal results :-).  Tomorrow I will be fingerprinted and then will report to Human Resources to turn in my rather thick pile of new hire paperwork.  I have also studied my handbook, which I am sure I will do at least 10 more time before Friday.  Busy week ahead! I hope we are all ready.

My Family

Shock to the system

It is about 8am in the morning and I sit alone.  My husband is off to work and my girls are still in bed.  In two short weeks school will be back in session and two little girls I know are going to have one huge surprise.  The summer has been very busy with camps and fun and even our first soccer scrimmage game last night. It has also seen many late nights and later and later mornings.

We have not yet received bus passes for the year.  Being in such a large district we rotate every few years between “late” and “early” schools.  The difference is only about 30-60 minutes in pick up and drop off.  Last year the bus picked up at 8:30.  From everything I have seen it will be the same this year.  Before the bus we of course get dressed and ready, consume some breakfast and practice music.  This week I have set a time for bed to start the process of getting them ready.  I should go wake them up for the same reason but honestly I am enjoying the silence.

This is a big year!  Both girls on the same bus heading to the same school.  Madison is so excited to start first grade and Megan admitted the other day she is looking forward to the start of the year.  I guess to make that first day as smooth as possible I should go wake them up.

This could get ugly :-).