Twas the night before…..

happy_first_day_of_school_card-p137598077267411672q53o_400T’was the night before school starts and all day long, little girls were restless bouncing off the walls!  The children were nestled all snug in their beds, (but not sleeping since I keep hearing foot steps). The new first grader is about to burst even receiving a phone call from her teacher welcoming her to school.

I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels......
I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels……

The time has finally arrived, the fist day of school.  The backpacks are loaded with the requested supplies.  The lunch boxes are sitting ready to be packed.  I am so happy that my girls love school.  They are both legitimately thrilled to be heading back.   I am so excited for them and can not wait to hear all about the day tomorrow.  I am kind of glad that the first day is a Friday, I think Madison especially will be exhausted between the build up in her head and the so far restless night she is having.  I see a small crash in her future tomorrow :-).  First and fourth grade, WOW!  Somewhere along the way I blinked and my girls got big.  I am so proud of both!  Cheers to another great school year!

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