Take seven days fun in the sun…..

We are officially 5 days away from the highly anticipated Disney trip.  According to the girls it is only 4 days since we leave our house at 5:30 am Saturday so they do not count the day :-).   I guess with that logic, today is almost over since they are in bed  so we are down to 3 days!  Wow time is flying! ;-).

We began to process of packing over the weekend.  We will not be traveling light.  The weather in Orlando this week was chilly.  It is supposed to be much warmer next week so we will take clothes that cover the spectrum. I do not mind buying an item or two but would not like to be stuck having to buy full outfits due to strange weather swings.

So when we went to Disney in October 2011, Madison ended up with a bad sinus/ear infection.  I remember sitting at the minute clinic for over an hour waiting to be seen.  Poor kid was miserable but trudged on for the rest of the week.  Over the last few weeks we have all battled illness like the rest of the country.  My ear has still been bothering me from a few weeks ago so I called the doctor today.  They called in an ear drop for me, hope this clears it up the rest of the way!

Then there is my baby, Madi woke up today a mess.  Cough, stuffy and by late in the day a sore ear.  She has an appointment with the pediatrician once again tomorrow.  I of course would rather this all happen before we leave. I can only hope and pray that we are all healthy on the trip!  We have been looking forward to this for so long, I hope nothing spoils it!

I think we are all in need of some warm and sunny weather!  Supposed to be 88 degrees and mostly sunny in Orland on Saturday….that is SO what the doctor ordered!stylish_sun5

Not all coughs are pneumonia

So the epidemic continues. After having Madison home sick from school Friday and through the weekend, she was even worse on Monday.  We had been to the doctor on Friday and at that point he determined it was a virus that needed to run its course.  By Monday her once harmless yet annoying hacking cough had become a wet and somewhat alarming cough.  Her fever had once again spiked over 101 degrees.

We got an appointment for 4:30 so poor Megan had to tag along with us.  We walked into a room FULL of people.  We did not get called back until close to 5:30.  We received apologies from everyone which honestly were not needed.  I have never called the pediatrician and not been able to bring the girls over same day.  With all of the sickness in the area right now I was happy to be seen!  I was caught off guard when the doctor said that she could hear a little fluid in the lungs and would like to have a chest X-ray done.  She started antibiotic in the meantime and off we went.

I dropped Megan at home, by now it was 6pm and Frank was home from work.  Madison and I rushed over to the radiologists since they were due to close at 7pm.  We were there for just under and hour.  By the time we got home my poor 6 year old was exhausted and starving since she had not had dinner.  Frank thankfully had something ready when we walked in.

We received the call today, no pneumonia!  I am continuing the antibiotic because there has been good improvement in Madison since they were started.  Maybe it is just coincidence but I am not risking it!  I hope to have Madi back to school tomorrow!

I also received a call from my doctor.  The CA-125 blood work returned and it was normal.  The biopsy will not be back until next week.  I guess if we were keeping score, this day could be filed as a good one.

A rise in temperature

So when I took Madison to the doctor on Friday, he said that there were not seeing much flu but were seeing a ton of different viruses.  He said that it was a virus that Madison had and therefore there was not much he could do.  I asked him about my nieces birthday party and he explained that the viruses were hanging around for days/weeks and that if her temp was down she could go and if it was up he would stay home.  He explained that there was a possibility if could spike up and down for days.

When we woke up Saturday morning her temp was about 99.4 ish. She always runs higher than 98.6 and she seemed fine. She begged me to go to the party.  I decided to call my brother for his thoughts. We agreed that it would be a shame to have her miss it if she seemed fine and quit honestly, with all of the illness floating around I am very sure she was not the only person at that bowling alley not 100%!

We made it to the bowling party and went back to the house for a little while but it was not too long before she started to fade, and quickly.  On the way home we listened to her new Rick Charette CD, he performs children’s songs and was at her school the other day. She just loves him!  When we got home we put on some comfy jammies and watched a little TV waiting for Frank to get home from California.  The girls really hoped to wait up for him but at 9:15 is was obvious it was going to be a while so I put Madison to bed.  I am glad I did because we did not see Frank until 11:30!

Madison did not get out of bed this morning until about 9:30 which is unheard of in this house!  This child is typically up by 7am.  When she came downstairs he cheeks were red and she looked terrible.  Her temperature was 102. Did I cause this taking her out yesterday?  I hope not!  Oh well can not go back in time so through a mixture of motrin and tylenol and a day spent in warm jammies, she seems much better tonight.  Thankfully they are off from school tomorrow.

Hopefully we did not infect anyone…it was a very nice party!