Not all coughs are pneumonia

So the epidemic continues. After having Madison home sick from school Friday and through the weekend, she was even worse on Monday.  We had been to the doctor on Friday and at that point he determined it was a virus that needed to run its course.  By Monday her once harmless yet annoying hacking cough had become a wet and somewhat alarming cough.  Her fever had once again spiked over 101 degrees.

We got an appointment for 4:30 so poor Megan had to tag along with us.  We walked into a room FULL of people.  We did not get called back until close to 5:30.  We received apologies from everyone which honestly were not needed.  I have never called the pediatrician and not been able to bring the girls over same day.  With all of the sickness in the area right now I was happy to be seen!  I was caught off guard when the doctor said that she could hear a little fluid in the lungs and would like to have a chest X-ray done.  She started antibiotic in the meantime and off we went.

I dropped Megan at home, by now it was 6pm and Frank was home from work.  Madison and I rushed over to the radiologists since they were due to close at 7pm.  We were there for just under and hour.  By the time we got home my poor 6 year old was exhausted and starving since she had not had dinner.  Frank thankfully had something ready when we walked in.

We received the call today, no pneumonia!  I am continuing the antibiotic because there has been good improvement in Madison since they were started.  Maybe it is just coincidence but I am not risking it!  I hope to have Madi back to school tomorrow!

I also received a call from my doctor.  The CA-125 blood work returned and it was normal.  The biopsy will not be back until next week.  I guess if we were keeping score, this day could be filed as a good one.

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