“I love you mommy”

Christmas is just 7 days away, I check the lists, hope everyone will be pleased with what “Santa” brings.  I run around attempting to make everything perfect, make everyone happy.  After the family goes to sleep I wrap presents, even built a bike last night.

It is so easy to get sucked into the “greed” of the holiday.  Retailers opening earlier and earlier in response to people who just have to get that whatchamacallit before everyone else.  Wallets and credit cards pushed to the limit in an attempt to keep up with the neighbors.

As the hustle of the season ramps everything into high-speed, as we rush here and there often passing each other in the hall, it is important to keep things in perspective.  It hit me last night, so simple, so innocent and so sincere.  As I dropped my girls off to CCD class, Megan stopped for a second, turned and said, “I love you mommy”.  Those words, no greater words have ever been spoken!  Sometimes the stresses of life can feel a bit overwhelming but how often do we add to those stresses by placing unrealalistic expectations on ourselves?IMG_4905

I love you mommy” words from an angel who owns my heart.


Stress.  No matter how fast we run it seems to always be right on our tail.  You can try to hide but it always seems to find you.  Sure, there will be times when you think you may just have the bugger beat.  During those times the skies seem more blue, smiles seem bigger and life is sure more enjoyable.  Of course, those times are nothing but the cheese inside of the big stress sandwich in which we all live.

So, you stand up day after day and face it head on.  Some days you end up more bruised than others.  It is easy to fall victim, allow it to get into your head and consume you.  You know you should not let it, you find distractions, look for anything to lighten the load. Some nights what makes the most sense is to close your eyes and lay down your head in preparation for the next round.

Good night.

Baby Head, baby head oh my poor throbbing head

The woes of the average Kindergartener.  We think they have it so easy get on the bus, arrive at school learn and play then come back home.  It seems that in between there are multiple layers of young stress that I am just not fully grasping.  Today, I was told by my 6-year-old that I needed to give her a little break because she had a stressful day at school.  Hmmmm, all 3 hours of it?  I mean, come on now.

Yesterday, as my little cherub got off of the bus in the afternoon, the bus driver said something to her that I did not hear.  What I did hear was “we all have to be nice”.  Uh Oh….if it had been a major issue the driver would have looped me but since she did not I knew it was minor.  As soon as we got into the house I asked Madi what happened that she needs to be nice.  Of course the quick reply was “nothing”.

It did not take long before I had the answer.  Baby head…seems like such a harmless word combo but to 6-year-old bus riders coming home from what I am not told is a very stressful day it is enough to almost cause a real brewhaha. Seems that a little girl kept poking Madison which she did not appreciate.  Instead of the many choices she could have made she explained to me that she “snapped” (her word) and called the girl baby head. The offended little girl did what mine should have and told the bus driver.

I googled “baby head” and the images were a bit disturbing.

We once again covered proper, expected behavior.  We shall see I guess.

Since Christmas I have been under the weather but between ultrasounds, biopsies, a sick hubby and sick kids I have done little more than take a few Tylenol.  By yesterday my head was throbbing, I could barely hear out of my left ear and when I cough I do believe my head might just split open.  I called the doctor and got and appointment for today.  I was not surprised to hear that I had a sinus infection.  I was a little surprised to also have and ear infection but guess it makes sense.  Now armed with a steroid pack and antibiotics I can only hope that tomorrow brings with it a little relief!

It will be midnight in an hour so the official countdown for Disney is 23 days….anticipation!

Walt Disney World Gallery Photo