“I love you mommy”

Christmas is just 7 days away, I check the lists, hope everyone will be pleased with what “Santa” brings.  I run around attempting to make everything perfect, make everyone happy.  After the family goes to sleep I wrap presents, even built a bike last night.

It is so easy to get sucked into the “greed” of the holiday.  Retailers opening earlier and earlier in response to people who just have to get that whatchamacallit before everyone else.  Wallets and credit cards pushed to the limit in an attempt to keep up with the neighbors.

As the hustle of the season ramps everything into high-speed, as we rush here and there often passing each other in the hall, it is important to keep things in perspective.  It hit me last night, so simple, so innocent and so sincere.  As I dropped my girls off to CCD class, Megan stopped for a second, turned and said, “I love you mommy”.  Those words, no greater words have ever been spoken!  Sometimes the stresses of life can feel a bit overwhelming but how often do we add to those stresses by placing unrealalistic expectations on ourselves?IMG_4905

I love you mommy” words from an angel who owns my heart.

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