A very special ending

Endings, often emotional, never repeatable.  Some we are thrilled to see happen, others we wish would never come.  This week I have 2 endings in process, one fitting in each category.

Wednesday I scheduled what I hope to be the last surgery I have for a very long time.  After the multiple ultrasounds it is time to have those pesky uterine polyps out.  This is expected to be a quick and relatively pain-free procedure.  I am also able to have it done at the surgery center which I am pleased about, having more than my fill of hospitals last year.  This is an ending I have been looking forward to for months!  It does not occur until mid-July but at least it is on the schedule.

An ending that I am not so happy to see will happen in just a few hours.  It is the “very special  endings” ceremony at Madison’s school.  They do not have a graduation ceremony for Kindergarten.  Instead they have this little gathering where they will sing, recite a poem and receive a certificate.  My baby is heading to first grade soon.  Amazing how quickly time flies!

They have been practicing for weeks.  She comes home and hides in her room so I can not see what she is doing.  Two days ago we had to spend time picking the “perfect” outfit. A pretty floral dress and her new “high heel” sandals.  For such a rough and tumble little girl, it always amazes me how much of a little diva she can become when she wants to dress up.  I guess the balance is good…god help me lol!

I am very proud of her growth this year.  She went to school reading just a few sight words and she ends reading small chapter books.  Her math skills are off the charts and the thoughtful questions that she poses to me on a very regular basis at times throw me for a loop.

Madison is a wonderful, smart, beautiful little girl and I could not be more proud!Image

Here we go again

Tomorrow I once again get to enjoy the wonders of modern technology in the form of a pelvic ultrasound.  This will be the third one in a period of about 5 months.  I am not worried about what they find because I expect that they will be about the same.  I expect the cysts will still be there, meaning we will need to talk about what comes next.  The polyp will still be there since that does not rectify itself.  An endometrial ablation was recommended but I decided to just wait until we got the results of this ultrasound before even continuing to discuss dealing with the polyp.

To say that the ultrasound is invasive is an understatement.  I am growing weary of them and would love to hear that the cysts have disappeared and all is well with the world.  Right after I expect to see pink unicorns and hear happy music playing in the background while money falls from the sky.  So in my mind the odds of the second statement occurring is just as likely as the first so I am not optimistic, although unicorns and falling cash would be very cool!

Until tomorrow I guess….

Testing my patience

As I sat watching television last night it hit me that I had never heard from the doctor about the ultrasound results.  I guess that whole try not to worry thing must be working because amazingly I totally forgot about it.  I added it to the to do list for today, I called first thing this morning.  I received a call back within 20 minutes only to be told that since I see the doctors in the second office my file is at that office and they would not be in there until after 4:30.

At 4:40pm this afternoon I called and spoke to a rather short, rude person who seemed annoyed that I would be bothering her for such information.  SHe proceeded to tell me that they would normally not have such a report so quickly since I had just had the test performed Friday.  I told her I received a call in under 24 hours the first time and this was a follow-up.  She put me on hold and returned to inform me that indeed the report was sitting on the doctors desk, that the doctor was not in yet and that after seeing patients she would get to it.

take-a-breathIn my continued effort to remain calm, I hung up and went about my evening waiting for a call.  At about 8 pm of course not receiving one, I called the office which of course….was closed.

I am more than a little annoyed!  I will take a breath and call in the morning.  I will continue to have positive thoughts but can not promise to continue staying calm!