A very special ending

Endings, often emotional, never repeatable.  Some we are thrilled to see happen, others we wish would never come.  This week I have 2 endings in process, one fitting in each category.

Wednesday I scheduled what I hope to be the last surgery I have for a very long time.  After the multiple ultrasounds it is time to have those pesky uterine polyps out.  This is expected to be a quick and relatively pain-free procedure.  I am also able to have it done at the surgery center which I am pleased about, having more than my fill of hospitals last year.  This is an ending I have been looking forward to for months!  It does not occur until mid-July but at least it is on the schedule.

An ending that I am not so happy to see will happen in just a few hours.  It is the “very special  endings” ceremony at Madison’s school.  They do not have a graduation ceremony for Kindergarten.  Instead they have this little gathering where they will sing, recite a poem and receive a certificate.  My baby is heading to first grade soon.  Amazing how quickly time flies!

They have been practicing for weeks.  She comes home and hides in her room so I can not see what she is doing.  Two days ago we had to spend time picking the “perfect” outfit. A pretty floral dress and her new “high heel” sandals.  For such a rough and tumble little girl, it always amazes me how much of a little diva she can become when she wants to dress up.  I guess the balance is good…god help me lol!

I am very proud of her growth this year.  She went to school reading just a few sight words and she ends reading small chapter books.  Her math skills are off the charts and the thoughtful questions that she poses to me on a very regular basis at times throw me for a loop.

Madison is a wonderful, smart, beautiful little girl and I could not be more proud!Image

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