The list begins

On my continued search for “what I want” I think I have begun to develop some thoughts maybe even a list.

1-I would like to worry less about well everything.  In my head I am fully aware that I can not control everything, even most things. This is what causes the worry.  I wish I could live life and just allow it to happen.  This will require work!smile

2-I want to smile more.  2012 was a rough and at times very painful year.  The year leading up to it was possibly even more scary since that was the year of abnormal biopsy and breast MRI.  Now with the pelvic Ultrasound results, I am heading for yet another biopsy Thursday. I feel like I have been under a cloud for a long while now and am ready to attempt to outrun it! Although the outcome has been good to date, it has been a long and stressful time that affected my entire family.  I believe our Disney trip is a big part of helping this change this mood and we are all looking forward to this trip!  The other night  we started to pack, a little more each day  The guest room is filling up with small piles just waiting to be put into a suitcase.  Disney is the happiest place on Earth, we can’t wait!Walt Disney World Gallery Photo

3-I would love to be able to pay off my credit cards but since that won’t happen anytime soon I will again focus on #1.

This of course is not an all-inclusive list.  It instead is just the beginning of one that I expect will grow and change in the coming weeks/months.