What a beautiful weekend

We are now inside the 45 day window for the prophylactic mastectomy.  ON one hand still a long way off yet on the other when I think about all that has happened the time has flown! I have been scrubbing the house from top to bottom.  I hate spring cleaning but do love to look through a newly cleaned window. Funny how impending surgery can result in the house probably being cleaner than it has been in years!

And what a time to clean windows since the weather this weekend has been awesome!  Blue skies, mid 70’s, sun and birds chirping.  I have been able to open windows to let  the house air out, love it!   I can’t believe that this is the forecast for the entire weekend! We put the heater on the pool on yesterday so today may be the first swim for the girls who of course are totally excited!

One last climate comment, The Bailey’s have finally broken the terrible weather streak!!!!! Megan’s communion was yesterday and it was gorgeous! As I have stated in other posts, we are so known for terrible rains etc it was very nice to be able to break that streak!

The Communion was beautiful.  It was a long day, Megan’s hair appointment at 8am, communion service at 10:30 party at 1 pm then some friends and family back to the house afterward. Megan looked so beautiful!  Like a little angel. The service itself was long.  It was amusing watching the kids in their new dresses and suits dance in the aisles trying hard to sit still. It was equally amusing watching the faces as they had the first taste of the host. They practiced with ice cream cones..not exactly the same  :-).

The party was wonderful! We had a DJ for the kids who seemed to be a big hit.  Lots of smile, no tears or whining so a huge hit in my book!  It was nice to see everyone and hope they all had as nice a time as we did!

I am grateful for so many things but to sum it up:

  • Beautiful weather
  • Beautiful Family
  • Great times with friends and family

1 thought on “What a beautiful weekend”

  1. Christine,
    I find myself in your blog memories often. This holds true to this spring cleaning comment. At 55 days out, we had a dumpster delivered and purged the house cleaner than ever before. As well as the much needed yard grooming

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