Somewhat overwhelmed

So the clock is spinning at record speeds now it seems.  I can not believe we are just a little over three weeks out of the mastectomy.  The march forward continues.  I had my blood work done yesterday and was rather impressed with the efficiency of the process.  I usually go to a labcorb or Quest for blood work but they preferred I went right to a Cooper center so they could access the results directly.  I was there for less than 15 minutes from check in til walking out the door.  Almost a pleasure really, (as much as having a pointy item stuck into your arm can be of course) :-). I have had to sit for well over an hour many times…nice to have something move so quickly!

I am a bit overwhelmed. We have received many offers to help out during my recovery for which I am so grateful! So many of the offers are so sincere, I mean we all know how it is right?  You are standing there and the conversation comes up about someone cutting off part of their body and no one is sure what to say so the offers to help come pouring out. We have all been there ugh..right? Alright, maybe not exactly  that situation but I think we all know what I mean.

We do not have parents who are usually the ones who come running. Frank and I are used to facing things for the most part alone and head on and do not ask for help well.  We also do not quite know what to do with help that is offered sometimes. I think we  may be underestimating the degree of assistance we may need.  I believe that after all of the different biopsies we both expect hope that I will be up and around very quickly.

To all of my friends I thank you and appreciate the offers!  We just might need you all!

2 thoughts on “Somewhat overwhelmed”

  1. I don’t envy you these days. The anticipation was the hardest part. Take all the help you can get. If I had had any offers, I would have used them during the time I was home with my drains. That was the toughest thing for my 8 year old. Hang in there!

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