The glass is half full

I had my appointment with the plastic surgeon today.  It went very well.  My blood pressure is back in line 120/80!!  Can’t beat that.  So the normal questions started the appoint including my weight.  I had to admit to putting on a few pounds since we had last meet.  To my surprise he was actually somewhat pleased (maybe I exaggerate a bit, he at least was not at all upset) by this news.  Seems he plans on using most of what I have in the tummy now!  When the doctor was about to finish up he asked if I had any last questions.  So I asked, “when we are finished I will look like a Barbie right?” He laughed and replied, that he could not promise that but that the large boobs I was uncomfortable with would be smaller and that “my tummy  would be a lot flatter”.  Flat stomach…WOOT!  I was 145 pounds and a C-cup before having my girls.  Now I am no where close to 145 and the cup size has multiple letters.  I could be sad about the surgery…but why in the hell would I do that?  I am taking steps to prevent cancer, I am healthy, I worked very hard last year to lose 30 pounds and now will have a little surgical assistance to help that process along. The glass is half full!

This surgery has really done a lot for my outlook on things.  I always look at people in one of two categories…glass is half full folks or the glass is half empty.  The glass is half empty are always the victims, always looking to blame someone or some thing for the misfortunes in their lives.  They often live in the past and make lots of excuses for why they seem “stuck” in certain situations.  They lash out at everyone else when in reality they should look in a mirror and lash out at themselves.

Glass is half full on the other hand laugh in the face of adversity, run through walls and take that “no one will stand in my way” type of attitude.  Prior to a year ago when this all started I kind of floated somewhere in the middle.  I allowed myself to be easily pulled into others drama. I would often feel down about myself  and the decisions I was making and allowed other people’s opinions to cloud my own. This situation has really helped open my eyes up to what is really important. If other want to live in the past, point fingers and lash out so be it but no longer will I allow myself to be pulled down.

Who would have thought preparing for a mastectomy would have done so much for me overall as a person?

3 thoughts on “The glass is half full”

  1. Wow…you’re totally right about the half full half empty thing. I always thought of myself as a very pessimistic half empty kind of person, but everything you’ve written about half full really resonates with my feelings, at least following my mastectomy and infection.

    Nice to know I’m more optimistic than I thought!!!

  2. What were some of your tricks to losing weight? Congrats BTW. On both. Weight loss and upcoming surgery. Mine needs to come pretty soon…I’m feeling. By the mammo and ultrasound I had last week. I’m just super overweight still and I need to get this weight off but am running in circles…

    1. I signed up for weight watchers on line because I am not someone who would go to meetings. We also bought an elliptical machine so once the kids were off to school I was able to do a few minutes while catching up on decent television. It took the better part of a year just a few pounds a month. I have been able to hold off 20 of it. Good luck!

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