20 Days Post Prophylactic Mastectomy

After dinner tonight I put on my sneakers and out he door I went with my girls.  We went for an adventure..well we walked around the block. Being as it was the first time I have left the house for anything other than a doctor’s appointment it is the closest thing  to an adventure as I am going to get.  Lap number one went great…”let’s go around again”.  Sounded better coming out of my mouth then it was in reality.  Half way around I began to struggle.  We made it home but I do believe I bit off a little more than I was ready to chew.  Oh well…no harm no foul I guess. I am not in the best of moods at the moment though…sitting quietly by myself waiting for a pill to kick in.

SO for the updates, the abdomen continues to heal nicely.  A few spots still a bit raw but for the most part wonderful.  I took a shower yesterday but since I have had some weeping on my left breast at the corner of the flap.  I think some of the scab once wet came off leaving this little spot of weeping.    It is not a lot and it has no odor and is watery thin.  The site is not red or warm and there is no increased pain.  For the most part it is colorless maybe a tinge yellowish.  At first I was worried but as I was released from the hospital they warned of some weeping.  Of course I spent some time on the internet looking around about it and have decided it is not an infection.  I will keep a close eye on it.

Other than that physically still sore but each day still get better.  I am a bit annoyed that a small walk around the block wipes me out the way it did but I will get over it.  All in all doing great!

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