Me party

So with surgery looming I did what anyone else would do of course and went to the salon for a touch up and cut.  A nice relaxing “me party”.  I sat enjoying my peace.  I even read an article in People Magazine about the Twilight couple. The young cute vampire guy and his cheating girlfriend. Sad to have your entire life plastered everywhere for others amusement.

Since reading does not hold my interesting long, I sat listening to conversations here and there about random this and that.  I always find it funny how some folks feel the need to talk.  I am not one of those people.  I am satisfied to sit, browse a trashy magazine, watch the headlines on the muted TV on the wall and people watch while enjoying “me time” and washing the grey away! I always feel better once I can not longer see the grey.

The count down is on now, nipple reconstruction and revision in 4 days.

So Disney’s The Muppet’s  is very popular in my house right now.  While thinking about my “me time/party “this song kept going through my head.  It just had to be included.

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