Family day out

So yesterday I mentioned that today was to be family day.  We decided to get into the car and head to Cape May.  Quaint Coastal town with shopping, a cool old light house and of course the zoo.  A little something for everyone.  I am not a big collector of things. I have only one collection and we only get to view it once a year.  I collect Santa Clause and all things Christmas….gotta love Santa!  I have more Christmas decorations than I do normal decor.

Decorating has become a tradition in our house. We break it all out on the day after Thanksgiving (referred to as Black Friday for the many years I worked all day long 12-14 hours in my retail days).  Now we enjoy the day decorating.  It stays up until New Years Day when we watch the Mummers parade  (a huge local tradition) and pack it all away. There are a few cool Christmas stores in Cape May that I like to hit.  We skipped last year so I was due for some new decoration shopping.

It was a nice day, started at the zoo.  Always a fun time.  Nice weather, good to be out walking around.

Next we heading to lunch.  I live roughly 40 minutes from the beach.  Growing up, my mother loved the Jersey shore.  We vacationed at the beach for days on end.  Did not matter the weather, we were on that beach from what seemed like dawn to dusk.  Now that I am an adult I can honestly say, I hate the beach.  I can not stand sand between my toes, seagulls swooping everywhere and over priced, over rated out of repair coastal “landmarks”.  This is why I have a pool.  So for lunch we went to a little place with a deck that overlooked the beach.

A little shopping followed, some sight-seeing at the lighthouse and then the beach.  NOT to enjoy the sand but to show the girls the old WWII bunker and WWI sunken concrete ship that lie on the coast.   By the time we made it to the bunker I was out of gas.  We had done a lot of walking and my body reminded me that surgery was not that long ago. I sent the Frank and the girls ahead to see the bunker.  I stayed back and waited.  Too far of a walk and across the sand, I just did not have it in me!  I thought the three of them looked so cute walking across the beach.

It was a very nice day with the family! I am so happy we took the time and spent the day, as a family!

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