Soreness and stem cell research

Very sore!  I am a virtual drug store having taken a little Tylenol, motrin and oxy along with my daily required aspirin.  I am still extremely sore!  Although I am thrilled to be home with my family I think this surgery as an out-patient may have been a bit of a stretch.  Ice packs will be next for me I think.  Whining aside, I am home and moving around so all in all not too bad.

I read over my written release instructions.  Funny even though I signed them yesterday I had no real clue what they said.  I get to take the surgical bra off tomorrow.  There are bandages under it that must stay on and not wet until Wednesday.  Getting this bra off will be good.  It is very tight and annoying.  It could be worse!

So an interesting thing happened before the surgery during my pre-meeting with the surgeon.  He explained that due to the controversies over the use of embryonic stem cells, doctors have been looking for others that would be useful.  He is part of a team researching stem cells derived from fat cells.  He asked for consent to use the fat that would have been discarded from the liposuction as part of the research study.  He said that the results so far showed that though not as robust as those in the embryonic cells, the fat-derived stem cells were showing promising results.  Very cool..sure use my fat and if you need more take what you like!

It would be nice to think that some day it will be possible to treat tissue or bone defects or other diseases and that my fat will have been part of it!

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