Dreams can come true, once the pain is gone

And the Disney trip planning is in full swing.  Today marks the 180 day mark until we land in Orlando.  Dinning reservations have started with dinner in Italy at Via Napoli (Epcot’s version of Italy anyway).  Making plans for our Disney trip allows a nice distraction for us all!

I can’t believe 56 days have passed since the bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. All of that time waiting seems like a lifetime ago.  What is very real to me right now is the pain I still feel from the nipple reconstruction on Friday.  I knew the revision was going to be extensive but I just was not fully prepared.

I received a call from my doctor’s office today.  The call came from his assistant who was also the woman who removed the last of the drains. I told her that the pain level was much higher than expected.  In reading the op report she explained that it is for a few reasons.

First, the doctor gathered the skin from around the flap to build the new nipple.  He did need to harvest some skin which he did from the actual flap itself and then gathered everything around it..ouch.  The incisions he made to remove the “air bags” that had grown under my arms goes all the way under my arm.  On top of that, she explained that liposuction is much more painful than people realize and that mine was extensive.  I can see bruises all the way into my back as high as my shoulder and as low as right above my ribs.

I still personally feel that it was a real stretch to do this surgery as an outpatient, not that I wanted to be in the hospital but I wonder if the pain could have been managed better.

Although I am happy to be home, it has been a very rough weekend for my family.  But we are all trying our best.  I downloaded a new jumpstart game for the girls today.  They love those programs.  In a few hours I will be ready for a nap so I will put a movie on in my bedroom and let them lay with me while I sleep.

Positive things:

  • A mix of Oxy and Valium made for a wonderful night sleep last night, best in weeks
  • Making dinning reservations for Disney with the girls allows us to change the subject for just a bit
  • once they finally stop hurting..my boobs are perky as hell! Been a LONG time since I could say that!

I am sure that like before, each day will be better.  Until tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Dreams can come true, once the pain is gone”

  1. Lipo does hurt like hell. It took 3-4 weeks before all my bruising healed. Nitpicky blogger crap: you have a header that reads “piece of mind.” I’m sure you meant “peace of mind,” although there are some rather interesting Freudian implications about that typo I’m sure. Hope you feel better soon. Give it time.

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