76 days post BPM, 23 days post reconstruction

Been a little since I did a surgery followup.  The actual bilateral prophylactic mastectomy was On July 2, followed by the nipple reconstruction and revision on August 24.

The reconstruction was completed at the same time via a DIEP flap procedure.  After many weeks of initial struggles with core strength, I am fully able to move as I wish.  I am at the point now where I do sit up crunches every night.  At first only 10 or so now 100+ .  I also either walk or spend some time on the elliptical machine a few days a week. I still have tightness in the abdomen but it is a good tight. I am stunned at the change of size in my abdomen.  I am not on the scale of Barbie but it is by far the flattest stomach I have seen in many years.

I do still have discomfort in the breasts.  The breast revision was much large than initially expected.  Due to the size of the incisions and amount of surgery performed, I still have a hard time wearing a bra.  I feel that I need to wear one if I am going out in public, ie back to school nights, shopping, soccer etc because of the nipple issue.  As I had stated in an earlier post, the surgeon had to make the nipples large to allow for shrinkage.  One of them has and is about right.  The other has not and still reminds me of a strange little thumb like appendage. He has assured me that if needed this can be corrected very easily.  They are also a bit out of line which I am also told is a an easy fix.  So it does look like we have a small procedure ahead.  I see him again mid october.

I do look forward to a day when I have no discomfort but have accepted the fact that the day is not around the corner.

I am thrilled that my life for the most part is getting back to normal, but one highlight of my day does still remain the bra removal.

I have lost close to 40 pounds since my max weight 1 year prior to surgery.

My Bra size is 4 sizes smaller and pant size is almost 2 sizes smaller.

More importantly is the fact that I feel good and have used this situation as an attempt to live healthier.  Most importantly is the fact that I have gone from a minimum 50/50  chance  of developing breast cancer to one of only about 5%.

**(post pathology with the finds of cancer markers, the risk would have increased but no one ever put it into number for me)

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