More doctor’s appointments

So now that we are able to stream with Netflix, I have been watching the show Madmen.  I had heard good things about the show but had never seen it.  It is so funny to watch, set in the 60’s, everyone smokes, drinks and the women are all in pretty dresses all day long.  I feel like I have a cough by the end of an episode with all of the cigarette smoking!  The amount of alcohol consumed all day long, at work, after work, at diner, after diner and then into the car they go just blows the mind.

We have come a long way!  In New Jersey there is no smoking anywhere in doors.  I remember when I was a smoker feeling that my rights were being infringed upon as the world began to crack down on the nasty habit.  I have not had a cigarette in 8 years and could not imagine smoking.  I dread the cloud that you sometimes have to walk through at doorways of different stores or restaurants.

So, had my follow-up with the Plastic surgeon and indeed we are looking at another procedure.  I am frustrated about the entire situation.  I told him of the lingering ache especially after wearing a bra.  He says don’t wear a bra.  I said well sure if things were symmetrical that would be an option but one newpple points north while the other has a southward slant and is twice the size of the other.  Makes for an interesting braless image.  Now they have to go back to the insurance company to get approval and I wait.  This needs to be done before the end of the year!

On a better than expected note, my cholesterol numbers were not too bad.  They are elevated but not bad enough to be medicated.  Doctors says keep up the exercise, watch what I eat and we will redo blood work after the holidays. Guess that is not too bad.

Gynecologist that’s something to look forward to!

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