Parent teacher meetings and holidays

Had a parent teacher meeting with Madison’s teacher today.  I was not really sure what to expect.  I know that she enjoys school and I know that she is bright.  I also know that she is very hyper and never stops moving or talking. Sometimes she reminds me of a kitten who runs from room to room.  The meeting went very well.  Although her teacher and I agree that she is a “pistol” she assures me that Madison does understand when it is time to play and time to work.  I was so proud to sit there!  She is doing so well!  She has tested in the top 97 percentile, she is helpful and very happy.  All great things a mother wants to hear about a child!  I am so proud of my baby!

In my “pre-surgery effort to ensure all things are taken care of”, I pulled the pile of holiday dresses out of the closet.  I am so thrilled that Megan’s Christmas dress from last year fits just fine and Madison fits into an older dress of Meg’s.  Being as these dresses are worn for a few hours, one day a year, I am just so happy that I do not need to spend money on dresses this year!  There are layoffs all around, treats of property tax increases due to Superstorm Sandy on top of the already slow economy.  Really need to tighten things up this year!  Frank’s company has had two rounds just in the last month.  Nerves are a bit raw.

Tomorrow some food shopping for Thanksgiving.  A few days until surgery…

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