Use the force

For the last several weeks the girls have been interested in seeing Star Wars.  I guess the interest came along side the download of the Star Wars angry birds app.  They love those silly birds and the new one has them all decked out with different abilities including one who uses a light saber.

So with the holiday and my limited activities, a few days off from school and our first weekend soccer free, it seemed like a perfect time to rent the movies.  We have a Netflix membership but I was surprised that it was not available.  I checked Video on Demand and apple TV to find the same result.  I actually own the original trilogy on VHS but no longer own a VCR.

This morning I called a friend  and neighbor who has a son.  I know he loved the movies.  They must own them on DVD.  The next thing I know their teenage daughter knocks on my door with a bag and a VCR.  They have the newer movies on DVD but figured they could solve my VHS issue.  Very exciting!

I hooked up the player and turn to reach for a movie.  Madison, in her short 6 years does not remember ever watching a VHS tape.  “Can I put the movie in Mom?  How does this thing work?” If that was not bad enough, it was followed by “I saw these things on TV”. She inserts the movie with a giggle as if it is now the coolest thing she has ever seen.

I remember the first time I saw a VCR.  It was the size of a small car and had a pop-up door on the top so you could not put anything on the thing.  I guess I looked at it with the same amazement Madison did today.  The only difference was my amazement was due to the super cool technology.  Madison’s was more of child standing at a display in a museum wondering how we ever survived.

We settled in with mugs of hot chocolate and microwave popcorn.  That is our thing…it all helps make Bailey girls movie time special.

Me and my girls on Thanksgiving

Now, what really makes this all very interesting, is after all of this I start flipping the channels tonight to find a special airing on Television.  Tomorrow is The Empire Strikes back and Monday The Return of the Jedi.

Strange sometimes how things work out!

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