Another beautiful day in sunny Florida although it did start off chilly. As we left the hotel this morning it was very chilly, about 55 degrees. It was a nice morning and the weather called for a beautiful day so I dressed the girls in shorts and tee shirts. As soon as we walked outside Frank asked if we wanted him to run back to the room for sweatshirts. Of course i said no since I would be the one carrying them around as son as they came off, and the girls agreed which made it easy. Stating at the bus stop I started to second guess but of course would not admit it. Standing in line at the Magic Kingdom waiting to get in for our breakfast at the castle we were cold, that is until the sun started to burn through the fog, thank goodness!


After breakfast we did something which was symbolically very important to all of us, we went to see one of the newest character added to the Disney visiting schedule, Merida. For those who have read earlier posts, you know that she has become important to my family. I will go more in detail on another post, glad we all got to meet her!


The day wrapped up at Disney’s Spirit of Aloha show which was cute. The food was good and the girls had fun oh and one again the other 3 members of my family ended up on stage so a fun time was had by all!


Tomorrow is a long day at Hollywood studios, and I am tired. The rest of the family is already asleep so I think I will join them.

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