Something special?!.

Recently my husband had a conversation with a long time friend who told him that our relationship was something special.  It struck him as a strange statement which is probably why he remembered to mention it to me.  He told me about it the other night standing in our kitchen, where we have many of our chats.  When he first told me how “special” we were I laughed.

Special, what a bizarre description.  We are not a very affectionate couple and we are both very stubborn.  If you envisioned any of those made for TV couples when I used the word “special” you would be so far from who we are.  But as I have thought about this over the last few days I have decided that we are indeed very special.

We often comment to each other that it is us against the world.  Things have not always been easy for us but we stick together and find a way through.  We have had martial issues like many others, we fight, we disagree and at times flat-out ignore each other. Over the years we have faced many adversities and many situations where others have let us down.  It would be easy to cower in a corner and point fingers listing all of them but instead we have accepted that sometimes in life you are just lucky to find that one person who will always have your back.

When I was faced with the decision to have the preventative mastectomy, Frank was my rock.  He supported my decision to have such a surgery that would leave me in a hospital for a week, unable to help out for many weeks after as well as change my body forever.  He did a wonderful job with our girls, dealt with the wild swings in my mood throughout the process, and set me up a  bedroom in our family room.  After 7 days in the hospital the first thing he did for me when we got to our home was wash my hair in the sink and shaved my legs so I could feel better before the kids saw me.  Tough does not even describe how those few months were but we came though stronger and even more united.  Us against the world.

Over the years many have offered unsolicited  opinions about how we have chosen to live our lives.  Neither of us had story book childhoods so when we decided to start a family it was very important to us to give our children something we did not have.  Just yesterday I was able to catch Megan as she ran joyfully screaming from the bus stop that she had won a contest thrown out by the School Principal.  Some do not understand why this is so important to us.  For many years we have tried to explain that no amount of money could ever replace these years or the memories that we will all share forever, but especially since my surgery I no longer feel the need to explain.  My husband and I understand and that is all that matters.  Us against the world.

In the end we are basic people, home bodies who would rather sit watching a movie as a family than going out.  We would rather spend time at the girls soccer games on the weekend and spend every vacation at Disney world laughing as a family.  Things are not always easy but I guess that is what makes it special.  Wanting to put in the time and the work necessary, that makes what we have special to me!


Another beautiful day in sunny Florida although it did start off chilly. As we left the hotel this morning it was very chilly, about 55 degrees. It was a nice morning and the weather called for a beautiful day so I dressed the girls in shorts and tee shirts. As soon as we walked outside Frank asked if we wanted him to run back to the room for sweatshirts. Of course i said no since I would be the one carrying them around as son as they came off, and the girls agreed which made it easy. Stating at the bus stop I started to second guess but of course would not admit it. Standing in line at the Magic Kingdom waiting to get in for our breakfast at the castle we were cold, that is until the sun started to burn through the fog, thank goodness!


After breakfast we did something which was symbolically very important to all of us, we went to see one of the newest character added to the Disney visiting schedule, Merida. For those who have read earlier posts, you know that she has become important to my family. I will go more in detail on another post, glad we all got to meet her!


The day wrapped up at Disney’s Spirit of Aloha show which was cute. The food was good and the girls had fun oh and one again the other 3 members of my family ended up on stage so a fun time was had by all!


Tomorrow is a long day at Hollywood studios, and I am tired. The rest of the family is already asleep so I think I will join them.

Hello world!

Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to stop in.  I am writing this to both keep my thoughts and if possible help someone else.

What do you do when you are presented with the harsh reality that you have a 50-50 chance of developing Breast cancer?  This is exactly what I have been presented with.  I am 40 years old with two beautiful little girls.  I will not be a victim or a statistic.  I created this page to help me clear my thought as well as journal the happening prior to the actual surgery.  On top of that I intend to discuss the days  leading to the surgery itself as well as my recovery and lastly how I feel afterward.

Please take some time to look around.  I welcome your thoughts and comments!