Tomorrow is another day

A few days home and things are fully back to normal.  Thankfully Madison’s stomach is one of those things!  The scheduling of yet another pelvic ultrasound is another.  I still question whether it would be better to know for sure if I was BRCA positive.  I am not sure if it really matters at this point I guess.

After realizing that there was a history of prostate cancer in men on my father’s side, added to the breast cancer issues on my mothers,  I reached out to the genetic counselor to see if it made a difference in the insurances companies payment position.  I have heard back from the genetic counselor and it does not.  She sent me the full bullet pointed criteria laid out by the insurance company.

I can not worry about things I can not control.  This puts and end to the thoughts of testing for me.  I have already had a prophylactic mastectomy and the fact that I have scheduled my third pelvic ultrasound in roughly 5 months shows a close eye is being kept on me.  Pending the results of this round I will need to make some decisions.  Until then, well tomorrow is another day!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day”

  1. Hello, I am BRCA2 positive and I promise it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I lived my life in constant fear of getting cancer, and in finding out, I found could relax and get on with my life. Obviously it’s not as simple as this, but I promise I’ve never looked back. Good luck xxxx

    1. Thanks for stopping in! I had a BPM last July due to abnormal pathology found during several biopsies. I was never BRCA tested because the insurance would not, and still will not pay for it. The pathology report from the BPM found lobular carcinoma in situ so my decision to have the surgery was a very good one!
      Good luck to you also!

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