Spring time snow

What a crazy day. It has been snowing since first thing this morning and the news called for 2-5 inches of snow. The spring so far has been less than exciting. Freezing temperatures, wind,grey skies and now snow.

Saturday we sat for a soccer game in 25+mph winds and cold. The calendar may say spring but someone seems to have forgotten to tell the sun! At least the snow started early today so by 9 am I knew that soccer practice would be cancelled for the night. Instead I am sitting at karate watching the rain fall. Thankfully it has been too warm for the snow to lay on the roads. We probably have gotten over 3-4 inches on the grass before it changed to rain about an hour ago.dancing_snow_miser

As I sit here waiting for the kids, the snow miser song is running through my head. (Year without a Santa Claus). Maybe the brothers are battling and snowy refuses to give up. I am not sure what is going on but it would sure be nice if Mother Nature would have someone take a look at the calendar and turn on the sun.  I have really had enough of cold dreary days.

Megan’s soccer team is in a tournament this weekend. We were lucky to have all 3 games scheduled for Saturday. The news is calling for mid 50’s, light breeze and sun. My fingers are crossed. The bunny will arrive later that night,we would not want to see the little guy freeze!

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