Ladybugs and tiny tomatoes

After planting the garden two weeks ago, the girls decided we should try something a little different.  They asked if we could add ladybugs to the garden.  How did they get such an idea I have no idea but I found the request to be both interesting and possibly fun.  In life I have found there are many things asked of us that are not possible so when I come across those that are I do my best to oblige.

I did think this request would be easier to fill than it turned out to be.  Madison and I jumped into the car last week and headed to a local garden center.  We looked around a little and then asked a woman at the desk.  She looked at me as if I were a bit crazy and said no they did not carry them.  Back to the car and a little bit of a longer ride to the next center.  Right to the desk this time but same result, no ladybugs.  This center did carry them “maybe 2-3 years ago” but no longer.  Interesting, with the rise of environmental awareness that no one in my local area would carry a natural garden insect control.

So to the internet and within seconds many options appeared.  We placed our order with the promise of live ladybugs arriving through the mail.  Madison found this to be rather taxing to think about.  The questions flew, How would they ship them?  How do they get the bugs into the box? Would they still be alive? Are ladybugs really all ladies?  Hmmm on that one :-).Image

Saturday the package arrived in the mailbox.  1500 little red bugs ready to be set free.  We  followed the directions and set the out into the garden.  There were many who did not make it through the trip but even more did.  They scurried everywhere as did we.  With all of the movement in the garden we thought it best to just get out-of-the-way so they new residents could settle in.  While releasing them we did notice the beginnings of cherry tomatoes on two separate plants.  We may be eating from our garden before July!

Image 1I checked the garden today and indeed many of the friendly little bugs are still around.  It is yet to be seen if they will have an affect but we will was with great interest and enjoyment!


2 thoughts on “Ladybugs and tiny tomatoes”

  1. That was pretty brilliant of your girls to suggest ladybugs! I’m glad they’re sticking around: the ones I tried to release left almost immediately, but I’m sure they didn’t much like being released in the desert…

    1. A handful have stayed anyway..better than nothing! 🙂 I hope you are feeling well!

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