Twas the night before…..

happy_first_day_of_school_card-p137598077267411672q53o_400T’was the night before school starts and all day long, little girls were restless bouncing off the walls!  The children were nestled all snug in their beds, (but not sleeping since I keep hearing foot steps). The new first grader is about to burst even receiving a phone call from her teacher welcoming her to school.

I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels......
I will be very concerned if the bus drives away on 2 wheels……

The time has finally arrived, the fist day of school.  The backpacks are loaded with the requested supplies.  The lunch boxes are sitting ready to be packed.  I am so happy that my girls love school.  They are both legitimately thrilled to be heading back.   I am so excited for them and can not wait to hear all about the day tomorrow.  I am kind of glad that the first day is a Friday, I think Madison especially will be exhausted between the build up in her head and the so far restless night she is having.  I see a small crash in her future tomorrow :-).  First and fourth grade, WOW!  Somewhere along the way I blinked and my girls got big.  I am so proud of both!  Cheers to another great school year!

11 days post Newpples, 64 days post BPM

64 days wow!  In the months leading up to the mastectomy, there were points where I never thought the actual surgery day would come.  Now I look back and am amazed, it seems like forever ago.  So how am I feeling?

My abdomen has healed nicely.  I have a small lump which is probably scare tissue in the front which I will point out to the doctor tomorrow.  It is still tight in the area but it is a good tight.  I need to keep it that way!  The Surgeon has mentioned that I can have a scar revision done, I will have to think about that possibility.

The boobs are coming along.  I still have one ugly bruise on the left side that causes some minor pain. The incisions are healing. I have my first follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon tomorrow.  The newpples are different sizes, one of which way too big.  When I spoke with his nurse last weeks she said not to worry.  They have to be big to allow for shrinking and anything that does not shrink can be taken care of in the office easily.  I still think one is higher than the other  but not as bad as it was since some of the swelling has gone down.  I guess it will just take more time to determine what the final appearance will be.

I have not been allowed to stand and take a “full” shower since the nipple reconstruction.  They did not want the steri strips around the newpples to get wet.  It has been a bit of a pain, washing in the shower with the hand-held then washing my hair in the kitchen sink.  I remember when I was a kid my mother would freak out if you even brushed your hair in the kitchen.  Good thing she is not around to see this!

Big day tomorrow.  After the doctor Madison and I will head to the Kindergarten for meet the teacher.  I am happy that the district does this.  Allows the kids to not only meet the teacher, but see where the classroom is and in which building.  Our Kindergarten is separated from any of the other schools and has 3 buildings.  They are color codes.   Tomorrow Madi will get a lanyard to wear on Thursday that will match a colored set of foot prints that shows which building to go to.  This visit helps to relieve some of the first day stress.

She is so excited Thursday is the big day!