Keeping busy

So for now there are no appointments to get to, no scans or follow-ups.  Just regular life and my own thoughts which of course can get crazy sometimes.  The goal now is to get everything ready and keep my mind on other things.  When my first daughter was born I started to scrapbook.  Continued for a little while after the second but then we all know how it is you get busy.  I am not sure what is happening but it is like nesting to the extreme!  I decided that I needed to get caught up before the surgery.  I printed up everything and sorted..thousands of pictures sat on my dinning room table as I sat night after night putting books together for the girls.  Roughly 7 books later and many weeks I was finished!  Why?  What made this so important right now?  Did I feel the need to just look at my babies?  I write it off to the need to stay busy every minute.  I am sure a psychologist would have many opinions but I am more sure this blog is much cheaper!!!

In June I will have appointments with both surgeons, the breast surgeon who will perform the mastectomy and the plastic surgeon.  There will also be 1 appointment for blood work before either of those appointments.  I am waiting until July so that my girls will be out of school for the summer.  My oldest plays piano and has a recital at the end of June which of course I would not miss.    Since I will be in the hospital for a week this makes things easier for my husband who will take time from work to stay with the kids.

I am so anxious to have it all be over!

4 thoughts on “Keeping busy”

  1. Believe it or not, this time before your surgery may drive you crazier than the time spent recovering in the hospital. The waiting, waiting, waiting can make your wheels turn faster than they ever have. You’re doing a wonderful, SMART thing for yourself and family! You are the master of your destiny!

    1. Thank you! I am fully at peace with my decision but you are 100% correct that this time is driving me crazy. I can not wait for it all to be over! Your progress has been great and reading your experience has been a help to me. Thank you!

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