Friendship and continued preparation

Another week begins and the gap between me and the surgery closes.  Still way to far away to do a count down.  I spoke to a long-lost friend yesterday.  We have know each other since we were kids roughly 25+ years and have been through a lot of both good and bad times.  We all know how things happen you forget to call, then get busy maybe get mad that your forgot to call and got too busy and the next thing you know close to 2 years have past. I did not want anymore time to pass! It is always amazing though, no matter how long it has been you can still talk as if it was just yesterday.  It was great to reconnect and I will not forget to call next time!

I have a check list of sorts in my head to run through before the surgery.  Like I mentioned in keeping busy with the scrapbooks, I have a few project to wrap up etc.  I want to go into the hospital knowing that my family is taken care of and have little to stress about.  In my heart I know I will be fine and will only be away a few days but…there is always a but and always a possibility .  I have some wonderful friends who have offered to help Frank with the kids or who have asked what they like to eat so that there can be meal prepared for them.  I appreciate them all!

Some days I look at the clock and wish I could use one of the many magic wands that we have in the toy box and speed up time.  Then again this “waiting” has made me more appreciative of everything around me.  I enjoy watching the kids at activities just a bit more and the popcorn during yesterdays movie was awesome. I guess it is all about perspective.

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