On a lighter note…

For  ten years I worked for Best Buy…most people think I would be pretty tech savvy because of it.  In reality I am far from it!  I am about as tech savvy as my mother and the old VCR blinking 12:00 that used to sit on her  television.  Without fail, every blink of the electricity the clock would blink until I could fix it for her.  So imagine everyone when I said “hey..I think I will start a blog”. Ironically, my computer died so Frank bought me a new MacBook Pro which maybe was a sign that the blog was meant to be!

So here I sit with the ability to now ramble on even if just to myself!  In another post I mentioned feeling empowered.  Who knew that the thoughts of surgery and the worries of whether I will ever recognize myself in the mirror afterward would lead me to new hobbies.  Strange how things come about!

1 thought on “On a lighter note…”

  1. Christine… So glad to you, Frank and the Girls had a FABULOUS time in WDW!!! I loved the pictures on FB! The Girls are really SWEET! You guys deserve to enjoy yourselves!!! Don’t let negative people have any impact on your life. YOU call the shots about YOUR experience! Too bad if it offends somebody else’s “fragile sensibilities”! After everything YOU have been through on YOUR journey YOU darn-well have the right to exprees YOUR legitimate concerns about YOUR health and YOUR “Decisions For Your Family”! It burns me up when a person feels entitled to correct another person on “how” that person SHOULD feel. IN MY OPINION…it is ABSOLUTELY RUDE for someone, anyone, to read YOUR blog and then try to admonish you! Really, if they are that short-sighted to not realize the BRUTAL, AGONIZING, EXCRUCIATING battle you are facing everyday, then, forgive me, they should keep their ignorant comments to themselves!!! Christine…you are one of the BRAVEST people I know! YOU have made really hard decisions and you keep “running the gauntlet”. It is a true testament to you and Frank of how BEAUTIFUL your Girls are! I know they bring you both so much JOY! STAY STRONG!!!!!! Linda xo

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