A glimpse of normal

A little over 3 weeks out of surgery and I am finally starting to feel somewhat normal, kind of anyway.  I have full mobility of both arms but if I were to do too much with them I grow tired very quickly.  The boobs are still very sore.  Thankfully the weeping has stopped.  That does make me feel better if for nothing more than mentally happy.  My abdomen is a bit tight.  The incision itself continues to heal wonderfully except for a small section in the front.  I had a mishap with my pants where I pulled them up or down a little harshly and hit a scab…now it just continues to get irritated.  I just need to be more careful I guess.

My energy level is improving but if I do too much everything starts to ache pretty quickly.  A little more each day I guess.  The girls and I went out for a walk again this morning.  The weather is beautiful today high 70’s not too humid.  They rode their bikes while I walked.  We made it around half the neighborhood…like 10 times the size of the walk we did the other day.  I am extremely sore but it is a good sore and I took a pill.  I think well worth it for all of us.  The girls got some good exercise out in the fresh air and for the first time in weeks I felt human walking around my neighborhood!  I will definitely need a nap today! 🙂

Now the girls are in the pool for an hour before lunch..only an hour because that is about all I can handle watching them.    Better than nothing.  I harvested some cherry tomatoes from our now thriving garden.  Now I am sitting…I am wiped out.  It is nice seeing the girls being active kids today instead of just sitting around with me! I grabbed the camera because it was good to get a few pics..see what the beginning of normal looks like.

One week until the next doctor’s appointment.  I look forward to it actually because I think we will be discussing when we will be ready for the final phase. I can’t wait!

For now..time for a nap!