My beautiful Butterflies

So bear with me on this for a moment. Anyone with young kids who watch either Nickelodeon or The Disney channels, have probably seen the commercials for The Live Butterfly garden.  After continual requests, I broke down and bought one.  They send you the kit but then you must have the live caterpillars sent to you.  They arrive in a container with enough food to feed them until they head into the chrysalis.  You move them to the little cage and wait for them to emerge as butterflies.  We checked them daily in the cup and were amazed at how much those little caterpillars could eat.  We were all very happy yesterday (proud new parents) to 4 new adult butterflies.  We will set them free in a few days but the girls are enjoying feeding them and watching for now. It was a fun little project to do with the girls.

Why do I spend so much time on our summer science project?  Because as I have watched this change happen over the last few days,  this morning it overwhelmingly hit me that for me these butterflies represent my baby girls.

I was so worried prior to my surgery about my family especially my young girls.  Megan 7 going on eight in just a week and Madison 5.  Those who have read my early posts, know the agony I had both in waiting for the surgery and the pure worry for my girls.  How would they handle me not being home?  How would my husband handle being alone with them for a week?  How would we manage once I came home?

My first night in the ICU my girls came to see me at the hospital.  They were not going to let them in.  A social worker came to talk to me to let me know they were there but she felt they were too young. I told her that we had talked at length before my entering the hospital and that if they were there I would like them allowed in.  She met with them and allowed them to visit.  Even with  all of those monitors beeping, wires attached to me and scary big machines surrounding me, my big girls came in calmly and held my hand. They stayed just a few minutes.  The next few days brought more visits and when I made it to a regular room  they helped me walk the hallway.

Since coming home I have watched as my once coddled babies are blossoming….as a team they collect the laundry and run the washer.  They loaded their own dishes into the dishwasher and would start it.  Megan runs the vacuum while Madison dusts.  And at shower time, Madison who was still getting baths takes a shower herself with her big sister helping to wash her hair.

They did not blink an eye at my incisions and on a daily basis tell me how good I look and how well I am doing.  They help me do my exercising even cheering me on as if it was an olympic event.

Today I went for my blood work for the next procedure.  They went with me.  I told them to get thing I know they are coming downstairs in skirts.  They said it was a big outing for us and they should look the part.  How awesome are they?

All of my worry has instead turned into a growing experience for my family.

3 thoughts on “My beautiful Butterflies”

  1. They are pretty awesome! What a beautiful analogy. Obviously you made all the right decisions for your family! (As a teacher, I just LOVE the butterflies for so many reasons!)

    1. The butterflies were very cool! Think we will release them tomorrow if the weather is good. We also made a volcano and did some baking soda experiments. I was a terrible student as a child for many reasons. SO from the time they were tiny I have tried to keep them very involved and we try to keep learning fun!

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