Baby it’s cold outside

It did not take long upon arriving home to realize, it is cold! I have always said that I like where I live because I enjoy the change of seasons. For the most part that is a true statement still. I like a nice snowfall, once a year. I like to watch the leaves turn in autumn and fall from the trees. I love early spring and the buds that appear on the trees and bloom over the weeks. What I am coming to realize in my older age is that I do not love everything in between. I can definitely live without 25 degree weather and wind the takes your breath away. Grey skies that linger for days even weeks. It all gets a little depressing.

The day we arrived in Orlando it went to 88 degrees. Even when rain crept in it was warm. This morning at the bus stop layered up the wind still ripped through me like a knife. A storm is rolling across the country expected to bring snow midweek.

“The grass is always greener on the other side”. I guess I will have to keep this in mind as I long for end of winter. I dread sitting outside at soccer practice Thursday night with Megan, hopefully it will snow and cancel!