Work ethic or lack there of…

I have such a headache!  The insurance company has denied coverage for the colonoscopy.  Funny how no one is ever in a rush to address anything as long as the bills are not going to them.  Although it would seem that the insurance company is the evil being here, reality looks more as if it is the hospital and how they coded the procedure.  Now it has been escalated to a supervisor blah blah blah as I sit waiting for thousands of dollars in bills. No biggie though, I mean it is not their money.

Today I also spent close to two hours on and off the phone with our cable/internet/phone company. It is a long story but one that proves that allowing companies to get so huge leads to shitty service for all.  My time today is second to the almost two and a half hours spent on Tuesday, broken up only by the times in which I was disconnected or transferred.

My recent hours on phone hold have left me with an overwhelming feeling that there is absolutely no work ethic left in this country.

I just feel down.  I have healed nicely from the latest surgery but I am not “discomfort” free.  I can not call it pain because it is not but soreness, discomfort does describe it.  I am tired of it if I am being honest.  I feel like I have not had a “discomfort free day” since before the mastectomy. Six months are a long time and starts to wear on you.  Alone I can deal with it.  Add in apathetic or plan pathetic service from outside forces and  the wear and tear I feel just escalates.

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a better one.



So the additional tests have presented a mixed bag I guess we could say.  Although I was hoping we could close the chapter on this book by the end of the year, the ovarian cyst found will require a repeat ultrasound in 2 months so not going to make the end of year mark.  I realize it is probably nothing, but after a year of CT scans, MRI’s, tests, surgery and non stop doctors appointments, not to mention an up coming surgery, it is a let down to still not be able to round the corner.

On the other hand, the long awaited, little anticipated colonoscopy was today and the results were great. No issues found!  The doctor says she sees no reason I can not wait 10 years before repeating the process.  Like everyone said before hand, the procedure itself was nothing but a nice nap.  The prep, well that was not as nice. Thankfully it is over!

Now the focus turns to something really important, my beautiful babies sixth birthday party.  Madi and I baked some brownies for the family portion of the party tomorrow.  The festivities will start at the girls Karate school with a Hello Kitty themed kids party.  Madison is thrilled!  She was bouncing off the walls as I finally got her into bed tonight.

Funny, I do not look forward to my birthdays as much.



The difference 3 minutes can make

My girls are off from school for a few days this week.  I let them stay up a little later than they normally would on a school night.    Last night they were watching a movie in Megan’s room so I let them stay up until it was over.  As Criminal Minds, which I was watching, ended I called for them to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.  The sigh that came from the room was almost deafening.  As I asked what was wrong they explained that they were being super quiet in an attempt to stay up until 10pm, which is very late for them.  I looked at the clock it was 9:57.  Amazing how three minutes can ruin an entire day.

Then there is this morning. I realized what and important span of time three minutes could be.  It only took about that long for my mood to turn once I remembered that I could not have a cup of coffee. No solid foods, no tasty M&M’s from the halloween bowl! The thoughts of only water and ginger ale today is very depressing.

I will spend the day doing some cleaning and just staying busy. Going to be a long day!