The difference 3 minutes can make

My girls are off from school for a few days this week.  I let them stay up a little later than they normally would on a school night.    Last night they were watching a movie in Megan’s room so I let them stay up until it was over.  As Criminal Minds, which I was watching, ended I called for them to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.  The sigh that came from the room was almost deafening.  As I asked what was wrong they explained that they were being super quiet in an attempt to stay up until 10pm, which is very late for them.  I looked at the clock it was 9:57.  Amazing how three minutes can ruin an entire day.

Then there is this morning. I realized what and important span of time three minutes could be.  It only took about that long for my mood to turn once I remembered that I could not have a cup of coffee. No solid foods, no tasty M&M’s from the halloween bowl! The thoughts of only water and ginger ale today is very depressing.

I will spend the day doing some cleaning and just staying busy. Going to be a long day!

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